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Importance of fish welfare

Safe and gentle sealice treatment

Sea Farm Innovations have developed a new system, to make sealice treatment safer, faster and better. SFI System is a new innovative patented system, that has been developed by Sea Farm Innovation, in close cooperation with salmon farmers. The main focus for the SFI System has from start been fish welfare, to make sure that as few salmon perish during sealice treatment as possible.

This patented innovative system is the first on the market, where treatment is in full control. There is no harmfull chemical or heat treatment.

SFI System is inspired by the salmons natrual behaviour, which minimizes any unwanted side effectes from the treatment.

The SFI System has the benefit, that it can be used in connection with all kinds of fish pump systems. Therefore the system can always be used with the newest and most gentle pump techonologies on the market.

New delousing system developed on the Faroe Islands

- The goal was to create a system where treatment time was as short as possible, to maintain a low level of stress for the salmon...
Eyðbjørn Hansen, Managing Director, in an interview with Kyst.no 30th may 2018.

A groundbreaking faroese invention

- The results have shown that sealice in all sizes is removed from the salmon and close to all lice were removed from the fish...
Eyðbjørn Hansen, Director, in an interview with Sosialurin 17th november 2017.


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Short treatment time

SFI System is the first system to offer 90% efficiency in a treatment short treatment time of only 0,2 seconds. The salmon is only moved a short distance through the whole onboard treatment system. Keeping the treatment time as low as possible has been key, to ensure gentle treatment and minimal stress.

With the innovative patented process test results have shown an average of 90% efficiency in including sealice in all growth stages.


The SFI System has been developed over the course five years. Tests have been made during all phases of the delvelopment, to make sure that the system is efficiant, has high capacity and has as little inpact on the fish as possible.

The goal was to make a treatment, that did not affect the natural environment. Therefore chemical and freshwater treatments were out of the question straight from the beginning.

SFI System does not use tempered water, which makes the system much more Green compared to heat treatment.


SFI SYSTEM* (two units)

  • High capacity, 100-150 tons/hour
  • Only 60 kWh power usage
  • Operated by one person during start and stop procedures
  • No thermal nor chemical treatment
    Full control of treatment process
  • Short treatment time, only 0,2 seconds
  • Sea temprature process water
    Easy to maintain and clean
  • High quality Grundfos pumps with Danfoss frequency converter

*) The image in the top shows a system with two units in compact configuration